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Just around the corner

Open Evening 2023

Visit BG for our Open Evening on January 16th 2023 from 7:30 p.m to 10 p.m. and experience our unique atmosphere and meet students and teachers from Pre-IB and IB. Sign up is not required - but sign up if you want news about the event. 

Just an ordinary Danish high school. And yet...

We are excited to welcome you to Birkerød Gymnasium

At BG we speak more than 50 different languages.

But we have room for one more; your language, your personal voice.

With the whole world as your backyard and endless opportunities for self development in your front yard BG is the right choice for you who are curious about your future.

We offer both IB, STX, HF and boarding school and therefore dare to boast of being the most diverse place north of Copenhagen.

For us, high school is a lot about mathematics, but most of all about people.

There is room for everyone here, and we provide the space for you to find yourself.

We hope to see you at the school!

Claus Reinholdt Campeotto

The IB Diploma Programme

Are you an international student looking to study in Denmark? Or are you a Danish student looking to study in an international environment? Then the IB Diploma Programme may be just right for you. Birkerød Gymnasium has a strong profile in Science, Arts and sports, and we are known for delivering high results as well as a welcoming community where students from all over the world feel at home.

Your BG

See what it's like to study the IB programme at Birkerød Gymnaisum

IB at Birkerød Gymnasium

Why choose our school?

  • Engagement

    Our students may be very different, but they have one thing in common. They are passionate about their field. Whether you are into sports, science, music, or something else entirely, you can expect to be part of an ambitious community.

  • Diversity

    We offer STX, HF, and the IB track. So, here you will meet friends from both just around the corner and from afar.

  • A Global Perspective

    BG is a school that wants to open doors to students both academically and physically to broaden their view of the world. This can only be done by creating an open, diverse, and international environment. It is a natural part of BG that we speak many different languages, accommodate many cultures, and celebrate diversity.

After class

BG is a community filled with life, an appetite for learning, drama, music, sports and social activities and events. Imagine a football field filled with sprinting feet or a BIGMUN conference in which students come together from the whole world. BG is not just a place where you arrive, take your classes, and return home. BG is a place, where you form new friendships, interests and talents. At BG, you recieve an education.