International Baccalaureate

A global feeling in a Danish environment 

Are you an international student looking to study in Denmark? Or are you a Danish student looking to study in an international environment? Then the IB Diploma Programme may be just right for you.

Birkerød Gymnasium (BG) offers the IB programme as an upper-secondary education for students aged 15 to 20 years. The programme has an academic nature and is designed to prepare you for university, just like the Danish equivalent of the STX programme. 

The IB programme is offered at more than 3,500 schools in about 150 countries and is recognized and appreciated by universities all over the world. It is very common for Danish students to choose the IB programme to prepare themselves for studying abroad. If you are a Danish student, The IB programme is a great opportunity to meet international friends, gain excellent language skills and broaden your horizons. 

If you are an international student, the IB programme at BG offers you a great environment for your international experience. As a Danish state school, we also offer the Danish upper-secondary programmes STX and HF. That means the school is a wonderful mix of national and international students, and you will meet friends from the neighbourhood as well as from abroad.

We have offered the IB Diploma Programme and pre-IB since 1991 and therefore have a great experience with running the programmes. The school has a strong profile in Science, Arts, and sports, and we are known for delivering high results as well as a welcoming community where students from all over the world feel at home.

The school is situated in beautiful nature surroundings only 30 minutes train ride from Copenhagen.

Meet students from Denmark and all over the world

  • 1100+ students in total

    We have more than 1100 students across our Danish and international programmes. 

  • 300+ IB students

    More than 300+ students attend the Pre-IB and IB Diploma Programme

  • 50+ nationalities

     The students in the IB programme represent 50-60 nationalities in different ways. 

  • 70+ students at the Boarding School

    Around 70 of the pre-IB and IB students reside at the Boarding School and live together in a community where they share their international experiences.

What is special about BG?

Benjamin, IB

I’m Danish, but I chose the IB program because I liked the idea of being in an international environment and still be part of a Danish school. You have Danish traditions and Danish youth culture side by side with the international - that is very unique.

Looking for a place to live?

You can reside at our Boarding School while you study at BG. At the boarding school, you will live together with 70 other students in a strong community. We live, eat, laugh, cry, celebrate and socialize together, and you will get a shared international experience for life. You willl have a private room and access to several modern facilities. 


Feel free to contact our IB Coordinator.

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