Birkerød Gymnasium Profile

Another world, just around the corner

Birkerød Gymnasium is a high school, located just a half hour's drive north of Copenhagen. 

Here you can take either the STX or HF Danish educations, or the English International IB Diploma in a nice, newly renovated school surrounded by beautiful nature. 

At BG, we are proud of our diverse student population from more than 60 different cultures. As a student, you can make friends from just around the corner or from the far corners of the world. We also offer a boarding school, where both Danish and international students live.

Our goal is to educate and inspire you at a high professional level, to give you good academic results, and the best competencies to further your education. We have a strong science profile and more than half of our upper secondary pupils study natural sciences.  But BG is more than just a school. Our most important task is to give you the framework to be curious, cultivate your interests, develop your talents, and prepare you to participate in the world that awaits you after school.

In order to give you the best opportunities to become an active and engaged citizen of the world, the school offers a multitude of activities within sports, creativity, talent development, and democratic participation.

Outside of the classroom, BG has a lively and vibrant social life, filled with spirit, and a fast pace.

We look forward to welcoming you here!

A strong science profile

BG has a strong science-focus. Among other things, we have been named Research School of the Year in 2019, and have received the Hempel-DTU prize at the final for the Young Researchers competition.

The school is surrounded by beautiful nature. It provides a calm space for contemplation along with room to be active.

Democracy in action

At BG you will be equipped to take part in society and make the world a better place. As a Red Cross school, we work, for example, to solve problems in the local area and on the global level.

Birkerød Gymnasium in numbers

  • 3 educations

    At BG you can take the STX and HF Danish educations or the International IB Diploma. We also have a boarding school.

  • 1100+ students

    More than a thousand students find their place in our classrooms every day.

  • 100+ teachers

    We have more than 100 committed teachers that are all passionate about their field.

Ready for the world

BG is a classic upper secondary school that educates and trains young people through our STX, HF, and IB Diploma tracks and boarding school, but our vision is bigger. We want to be a school that gets involved and creates value for our local community, the rest of Denmark, and the world. In order for us to achieve this, our three values: responsibility, community, and engagement are pervasive is everything we do. 

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