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Group 5: Mathematics

Students are required to take one of the following subjects at either HL or SL.

Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (HL and SL)

This is appropriate for students who enjoy developing their mathematics to become fluent in the construction of mathematical arguments and develop strong skills in mathematical thinking. They will also be fascinated by exploring real and abstract applications of these ideas, with and without the use of technology. Students who take Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches will be those who enjoy the thrill of mathematical problem-solving and generalization. This subject is aimed at students who will go on to study subjects with substantial mathematics content, such as mathematics itself, engineering, physical sciences, or economics for example. 

Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation (HL and SL)

This is appropriate for students who are interested in developing their mathematics to describe our world and solve practical problems. They will also be interested in harnessing the power of technology alongside exploring mathematical models. Students who take Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation will be those who enjoy mathematics best when seen in a practical context. This subject is aimed at students who will go on to study subjects such as social sciences, natural sciences, statistics, business, economics, psychology, and design, for example. 

Most universities do not specify which of the two subjects a student should do, but it is worth checking the entry requirements of courses at different universities to see if they require one subject or the other.

Students will not have to choose which of the two subjects they will take until the October of their first IB year. Students will, however, be required to choose between HL and SL before starting at Birkerød. It is expected that students who choose HL will have a solid mathematical background. All new students, HL and SL, will be tested by an entrance test upon arrival at Birkerød Gymnasium.

All mathematics teachers at Birkerød Gymnasium have experienced IB Mathematics teachers and have an international background.

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