Cultivate your interests with your friends from school

High school is about getting smarter, but not just book smart. We want to give you the best opportunities to challenge yourself, build strong friendships, and have the experience of a lifetime.

That's why we offer a lot of activities for you and your friends from school to participate in. We have a wide variety of activities for those who love sports, music, art, politics, or charity work - and if you think something is missing from this list, we will always be happy to help you to start up a new team, club or event.

The acticities are free and typically take place in the afternooon after school. You will be able to use some of the activities to cover your individual lessons. Click here to see the different offers for you you in STX, HF or IB

Do you love sports?

BG is known for our strong sports teams, which play tournaments against other schools. We train together a certain number of times leading up to the tournaments, and the training is different depending on when the matches are held. You have to qualify for most of the teams, but that does not necessarily mean that you have to be at an elite level in order to join. We register for A and B tournaments, depending on the team's level. If you are an elite sports student, please read please read here instead.

Are you creative?

Do you have a creative mind? Then there are many good opportunities to use it for our creative and cultural activities. Here you can meet friends from other classes and years who share your passion and interests. If you are full of good ideas, you are also welcome to start your own creative club.

Do you want to make a difference?

We also offer a wide range of activities for thoes who want to have an influence, organize events, and/or volunteer for charity. For example, BG is Denmark's first Red Cross School, which actively works to make a difference in the community the rest of the world.