Fees & Economy

1)  Deposit and pre paid boarding fee for the first month?
Deposit is DKK 6.000,-

Pre paid boarding fee for the first month is DKK 5.150 (The pre paid boarding fee for the first month is not refundable).
These amounts are to be paid, when you accept the room at the boarding school, within 5 days.

2) What is a Utility set and what is the price?
Various effects for club activities, and for the room and bathroom. Price: DKK 1.000.

3) Monthly fee.
DKK 5.150 from August to June (11 months) 

State grants (SU) are available for students above 18.

4) The monthly fee to the Boarding School covers.
Rent, board, meals, water, heat and internet (not telephone).
The use of the laundry facilities is 10 DKK each wash and each dryer schedule - the school pays for soap.

5) Payments of the fees?
Must be paid by the 1st each month. Please set up a direct debit payment with your bank. By doing this, you avoid late payments, and possible reminder fees.

6) Failing to pay the monthly fee in time.
Payments are due every the first of the month. If not paid on due date, we will send a reminder, with a fee added. If several reminders in a month are required, additional fees are as follows:
First time: 100 DKK.
Second time: 100 DKK + an administration fee of 310 DKK.
Subsequently: 100 DKK. + an administration fee of 310 DKK, as well as a possible termination of the room.

7) Expenses regarding the Day School?
Study trips, social gatherings etc. have to be paid separately to Day or Boarding School.

8) Insurance, personal belongings and health insurance.
The student MUST be covered by their parent’s insurance or make their own insurance policy.

9) Cancellation of the room at the Boarding School:
If a boarder wishes to leave the Boarding School, a notice of leave must be given two months in advance in writing/mail, (notice allowed up to the last day of the month). Fees are due for the month when the notice was handed in (in writing) and the following two months.

The pre paid boarding fee for the first month is not refundable. 

10) For parents with low gross income.
In special cases for families with low gross income, normally based on acute unemployment, illness or similar, can apply for reduced rate in accordance with the table below, but only if the applicant lives in a EU/EEA country. If you wish to apply, we kindly ask you to upload an application together with the other required documents. We must emphasize we have limited funds and rooms for the purpose and cannot guarantee you a moderated rate. (See table)

11) Change of your boarding fee.
If there are changes in the household gross income at the start of the semester, there is a 3 months processing period in order to change the fee.

12) For separated or divorced parents.
If parents have joint custody of the student, the Boarding School fee will be determined by the parents’ joint income.

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