Elite sports at BG

Become an elite sports-student

Do you practice sports at the highest level of competition?

We know that it requires a lot from us as an institution to enable you to achieve outstanding academic results while also being a high-performing athlete. In order to achieve excellent results, a person needs balance, and that is why we have created the best possible framework in order for you to have the best possible conditions.

Only when a person has balance can they perform to the best of their ability, which is why we help you find that balance between your training and your education. We do this by providing you with good training facilities at the school, a personal tutor to help you balance your education and your training, and access to a special apartment where you can relax and be social with others elite sports students. You also have the option of purchasing a healthy meal plan adapted to your training, physiotherapy, massage, or a personal strength trainer.

You can become an elite sports student at BG by applying in writing and attaching statements from your coach, your club, or your association. In some cases, we ask for documentation of your sporting approval from Team Denmark.

We help you deliver your best performance

Elite Sports intro

How to apply?

Application procedure:

  • Find the application form at the bottom of this page
  • The application should be addressed to the Elite Sports Coordinator and should include a reference from your coach, club, or athletic association, as well as possible Team Danmark acceptance letter.
  • Acceptance into the BG Elite Sports Program is decided by the Elite Sports Coordinator.

    Acceptance requirements and expectations. As an elite sports student you must:

    • Be a part of the Danish elite or sub-elite within your field of sports (playing for the national team and Team Danmark acceptance is NOT a requirement)
    • Participate in training sessions, matches, competitions, etc. as part of your athletic practice.
    • Spend 10-15 hrs. a week or more on training, competitions, etc.
    • Have excellent time management skills and take responsibility for your academic and athletic development.
    • Apply yourself in equal measures in terms of your schoolwork and athletic practice
    • Be respectful of your surroundings and a good role model for your field of sport and as a representative for the BG elite sports program.
    • Be aware of what is required to achieve and stay on a high athletic level. This means maintaining dietary requirements, discipline, and structure in your everyday life.
    • Participate actively in BG elite sports events and activities.
    • Inform the elite sports coordinator about changes and measures that may influence your sport and education.

      Special stipulations:

      • Acceptance into the BG Elite Sports Program is valid as long as the acceptance requirements and the rules and regulations of the program are observed.
      • The deductible is DKK 1,000 annually, which must be paid before September 1st

        Elite sports at BG

        Our goal:

        • Creating responsible, focused, and ambitious young people with the best possible academic and athletic results.

        For the Team-Denmark approved students, BG provides the following opportunities:

        • Extended course of education: 4-year STX, 3-year HF and 3-year IB
        • Free access to restitution, studying and social gatherings in the specially designated Elite Sports apartment
        • Afternoon snack served in the Elite Sports apartment before afternoon training sessions
        • Supplementary teaching before/under/after absences due to sports events

        For all the Elite students, BG provides the following opportunities

        • Free choice of study
        • Absence-scheme regarding absences due to sporting events
        • Flexibility surrounding written assignments and deadlines
        • Possibility of rescheduling exams and tests
        • Free access to the school’s fitness room and gym
        • Nutritious breakfast plan designed to meet dietary needs for young elite sports athletes
        • Team meetings and inspirational talks on topics relevant for young athletes
        • Sessions with the Elite Sports Coordinator on how to structure and maintain work/life/sports balance
        • A personal locker for storage of training gear and an extra set of books
        • BG Elite Sports clothing kit
        • Possibility of purchasing additional lunch/dinner meal package for longer days with school and training sessions. DKK 400 pr. Month.
        • Possibility of purchasing additional physiotherapy treatment in the school. DKK 350 pr. 30 min.
        • Possibility of purchasing personal training sessions with a “strength and conditioning coach.” DKK 300 pr. Hour.

          The Elite Sports Coordinator:

          • Will help you achieve structure and coordinate with you, your coach, club and possibly Team Danmark on creating a manageable balance and cohesion between your schoolwork and athletic development. 
          • Stine Møllebro has a Master’s degree in physical education and health and has many years of experience within the elite sports field. Furthermore, she has worked as a coach and mentor for several elite athletes in Denmark and abroad.
            Our coordinator explains the possibilities

            You become part of a strong community and develop in athetics while simultanesously completing your education

            Elite Sports Coordinator

            Are you not elite, but just fond of sports?

            Then there is good news! BG has plenty of sports teams for everyone. We offer strong school teams in handball, football, badminton, basketball, volleyball and ultimate, where we train together after school on the surrounding large sports facility and play tournaments against other schools.

            Do you have questions or would you like to apply?

            You are always welcome to reach out to us with questions. If you want to apply for elite sports student status, you must send your application to the Elite Sports Coordinator.