fredag den 31. maj 24

Three BG students selected for student publication to benefit CoolUnite

The three BG students' poems have been selected and published in the anthology "90 student poems". The talented poets are: Julia Krzywicka, 3u, Therese Karoline A. Helander, 3u, and Rebecca Scheibel, 2p.

The publication, which is illustrated by one of the Foundation's ambassadors, Kristian von Honsleth, is for the benefit of the charity foundation CoolUnite and its work with children's hospices and breathing holes for families with children affected by illness.

About the book. Danish young people express themselves like never before – more than ever and better than ever. Just not like the old days.

Poetry and freestyles have taken over the place of readers' letters, and the themes are about life (lived), feelings and thoughts, fear and hope for the future - and everything in between. 47 poets – who will all receive their student caps here in the early summer of 2024 – from 37 Danish high schools create with this book the rune stone of their student generation. The young student poets show in this book that they are individuals, people on their own terms and with vastly different lives - but with the same hope of living authentically in the world.

Big congratulations to the three poets - also with their own matriculation exams soon!

Read more about CoolUnite here: