onsdag den 17. apr. 24

This year's Coffee Ball was a blast of a party

On Friday 5 March, it was finally time for the biggest party of the year at Birkerød Gymnasium – the traditional Coffee Ball! And what a party it was! More than 900 of the school's students turned up and the mood was very high throughout the evening.

Prior to the big day, many hours had gone into planning the party with this year's specially selected coffee ball class, 3rd year, and party manager, Martin Løfwall, at the helm.

3.y had decided that the theme for this year's party was Old Hollywood, and the school was therefore beautifully decorated with gold and glitter. At 17.45 the doors opened for this year's graduating students, who always come to a very special celebration with music and food before the doors are opened for the school's other students.

On the arrival of the graduating students, Valeriia Doczhuk played beautifully on the school's grand piano, while the students were welcomed by the coffee ball hosts from 3y and had the opportunity to toast each other in champagne. The kitchen had prepared a delicious buffet for the graduating students, which 3y had helped decide.

The coffee ball class had then planned a special show for the other graduating students, where the school's newly formed band, BG band, played three very festive numbers. After that, DJ Tiago Modesto from 3b went on and kicked off the party well until 19.20, when it was finally time for the traditional march in before the year's first round of Les Lanciers for graduating students. The doors opened for the other students at 19.30, and then Les Lanciers was danced every hour until midnight.

It was a blast of a party that we won't soon forget. 3y will now have their name engraved on the Kaffebalskanden as an eternal memory of their great effort to give us all a good party. Thank you! Also thanks to 1t who took the hard time cleaning up after the party! The coffee ball was a great success and we are already looking forward to next year!