mandag den 7. nov. 22

It is time for parent-teacher conferences!

Dear parents and students.

Students in Pre-IB and IB1 receive their first term grades on November 11th, and therefore we invite parents and students to parent-teacher conferences on the following dates:

Thursday November 24th from 4 P.M. – 8. P.M.: Pre-IB

Monday November 28th from 4 P.M. – 8. P.M.: IB1

Sign-ups are available via Lectio from Monday the 7th of November. You can request a conference with up to five teachers in a prioritized order. Every consultation lasts 10 minutes and we encourage both parents and students to attend. It is not possible to request specific times. The conferences will take place between 4 P.M. and 8 P.M.

The deadline for sign-up is Monday the 14th of November 2022.

Schedules will be available on the students’ Lectio page from Thursday the 17th of November via the link se tider.

Sign-up guide:

Access the school’s website Choose Lectio Log on with elev-login On ”elevforsiden” choose ”besvar forældrekonsultation” Choose the chosen teachers in a prioritized order Important: Remember to hit ”gem” (save)

Should you have any questions regarding sign-ups for parent-teacher conferences, you are more than welcome to contact Dorthe Hansen in our administrations office either by telephone: 4516 8224 or e-mail

First term grades will be published on November 11th at 4. P.M. in Lectio.

Please be aware that it may be difficult to find parking spots, so arrive in due time.

Parking permits are not required during the evening.