tirsdag den 6. feb. 24

Once again BG's students collected a remarkable amount

This time Birkerød Gymnasium's students made a party in collaboration with Team Rynkeby for a party profit of DKR 30,000, which was donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation. Helped along the way by the band Ude Af Kontrol (UAK).

The 3rd AOC party of the school year, Birkerød Gymnasium's term for high school parties, on January 26, 2024, was a very special one of its kind. The cycling team Team Rynkeby had already before Christmas contacted BG's party managers Line Bach and Martin Løfwall for a very special occasion. Team Rynkeby wanted to try new paths with charity and wanted to organize a charity concert.

Team Rynkeby had already got the popular music group "Out of control" to donate a free concert, which Team Rynkeby then offered to the students at Birkerød Gymnasium. The students from Birkerød Gymnasium's party committee were quick to say "yes" to donating their party profits to the "Børnecancerfonden". Together, an absolutely fantastic party was put on for the students, which everyone will soon forget.

The profit from the party was also top class! The students managed to collect as much as NOK 30,210, which will now be transferred to the good cause.