fredag den 8. dec. 23

Oedipus - a tale of faith on BG

Can man avoid his fate and make independent decisions and thus try to change the course of the world without being punished by the gods? The drama and tragedy Oedipus touches on, among other things this existential question and, despite more than 2,500 years behind us, is still relevant for today's people.

All BG's teams in ancient studies have either read Sophocles' tragedy Oedipus or have used the tragedy as perspective in relation to another of the ancient tragedies.

As the icing on the cake for the teaching process, BG had invited "teater2tusind" to perform the tragedy for all the school's ancient studies teams. In the best Sophoclean style, two actors performed the tragedy in which Oedipus is overtaken by fate. Despite his attempts to avoid his fate, the play ends with the prophecy that he will kill his father and make love to his mother being fulfilled.

In one hour - and with great empathy from the two actors - the students got to experience it and, like the ancient Greek audience, could experience the horrifying tale with ingredients such as murder and incest, and where the "tall" king ends up falling deeply. In addition to being a tale of fate, the play can thus also be seen as a reminder to those in power in the Athenian democracy of the time to stay on the narrow path of virtue and to exercise power with consideration! A consideration that is also relevant today.