onsdag den 28. feb. 24

Music on tour – lots of music on BG

What do dance, Carl Nielsen, electronic music, architecture and video art have in common? Well! On 11 January, almost 70 students from BG's various A and C music teams went on an excursion together to DR's beautifully renovated concert hall, to see the performance "Let's Dance, Nielsen!".

"Let's Dance, Nielsen!" is a terrific dance performance involving more than 100 young dancers from all over the country, original music by Carl Nielsen played by the DR Symphony Orchestra, and electronic sound surfaces created by the DJ duo Den Sorte Skole.

A vibrant mix of traditional and new, and as several students noted, it was surprising how well it all "melted together" into a unified narrative, despite some stylistic confusion at the start. Because the various parts (not least old Nielsen) can easily stand alone in their own original performances, it is refreshing to have a playful approach to both our classics and the performance styles of the time - and, for example, a fine input to our ongoing work with. melody and form analysis, music history, technology or ensemble/performance at home in the music rooms.

It was a fed trip! You can read more here: [https://www.drkoncerthuset.dk/fortaellinger/2024/januar/let-s-dance-nielsen-de-faar-den-klassiske-musik-ind-ved-at-bevaege-sig- to that/]

If you are into music, then you should know that BG has an extremely active music environment both inside and outside of classes with up to several bands - so come, play and join!