fredag den 24. nov. 23

Is the generational contract the solution to the world's wild problems?

Former foreign minister and climate minister and current chairman of Det Radikale Venstre, Martin Lidegaard, is coming to BG on November 29 to talk to our 3.g'ers and 2.hf'ers about some of the biggest and wildest problems of the time.

The event is held under the heading "The Generational contract", which is the title of Lidegaard's new book, and it emphasizes the cohesion between the generations, which he sees as a prerequisite for solving the biggest problems of the time together. The focus will be on what he calls the three simultaneous earthquakes: the climate challenge, the challenge from artificial intelligence and the challenges from the tectonic changes in global security politics that are happening these years. The problems have never been bigger and wilder. Conversely, we as humanity have never had greater opportunities.

As a radical, Lidegaard has previously called on the Danish politicians to "meet in the middle", and it must be said that this has happened with the SVM government, although without the participation of the Radical Left. Action is needed here and now, but there is also a need for long-term thinking and effective action, which Lidegaard does not believe the current government is delivering to a sufficient extent. Lidegaard gives his view on some of the consequences of the lack of action and the unaddressed wild challenges, and what he thinks is needed to move forward - and not surprisingly, we are busy!

On that basis, he would like to dialogue with the students in 3rd grade and 2nd hf about the challenges and what is needed to solve them. It takes place in the time period at 8.30-9.30. After the meeting with all the Danish graduating students, he meets with representatives from the student council, the school's climate and environment committee and representatives of the management.