tirsdag den 9. maj 23

Graduation season has begun at Birkerød Gymnasium

Spring has sprung at BG and that of course means the first IB graduates finally get to wear the highly anticipated graduation hats. This year’s first IB graduate is Rajana Abubakarova from 3u. She completed her exams with Maths as the final subject!

As per tradition, Rajana raised the flag at BG with the school’s IB Coordinator, Christina Rye Tarp.

While Rajana is now done with all her exams, she (along with the rest of her fellow soon-to-be graduates) will have to wait patiently for her final IB results, as these are not published before July.

A huge congratulations to Rajana! And good luck to the rest of the 3u students, who all finish their exams next week and to the many STX and HF students, who will be starting their final exams in just a few weeks’ time!