tirsdag den 30. jan. 24

Everyone can need a recommendation of a good book

This does not only apply to our 2nd graders, who are entering the last week of Projekt Läselyst. And we are lucky enough to work closely with the librarians at Birkerød Library. They are ready down there with plenty of inspiration and are always ready for a chat about books! And of course that also applies to all of you!

Here are the librarians and their recommendations:

Anette recommends: The book series by Talia Hibbert. - The series about the three Brown sisters is both sweet, funny and spicy. These are books with a focus on friendship, love and sex, written in a framework with great diversity. The three sisters are very different in their approach to life and this provides a nice transition between the three books. It is entertainment literature at its best 😊

Signe recommends: No More to Say by Karen McManus. - I hadn't seen that coming when I read Karen McManus' "No more to say!" High school student Bryn moves back to his childhood town and sets out to solve the murder of Mr. Larkin, her favorite teacher from the small classes. When Bryn begins to dig into the few clues that are from the time surrounding the murder, she quickly discovers how many secrets people in a small town can have, and the unraveling also comes dangerously close to Bryn herself and her own friends and family. "No more to say" is a well-written and exciting crime story that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish - a classic example of "just one more chapter." Bryn is almost annoyingly curious, yet we mostly agree with her, and we forgive her when she uses non-by-the-book methods of investigation. In addition, I dare to promise that the ending was not predictable.

Lars recommends: Promise Boys by Nick Brooks. In the poorest part of Washington D.C is Urban Promise Prep. Despite the school's good reputation among the upper class, everyday life for the school's racialized students is a disciplinary hell. When the principal is found murdered, suspicion quickly falls on three young men who must defy prejudice and discrimination to clear their names themselves. Promise Boys is a captivating crime story and a thought-provoking insight into the structural inequality of a society.

Ann Recommends: This time it's real by Ann Ling. - Eliza's school assignment about her amazing boyfriend, becomes nationally famous overnight without her knowing it and everyone wants to know who the perfect and romantic guy is. The problem is just that Eliza made it all up and is nowhere near having a boyfriend. To avoid total public humiliation, she makes a deal with the school's most handsome guy, who is also a world-renowned actor. He has to play her boyfriend in exchange for her helping him with his college applications. But how long can you remain fake boyfriends when everyday life is filled with romantic dates and sweet words. A sweet, humorous and heartwarming book about the greatest love

Jonas recommends: Heart of the World by Viggo Bjerring - Bjerring writes very well, he has control of his language. "The Heart of the World" is a future (semi)dystopia with elements of both sci-fi and social realism. We follow a relatively recently graduated candidate in literature (autobiographical element?) in his daily struggle for small jobs on the website Easyjobs. He earns just enough to stay afloat financially, eats "single bananas", smokes joints and leads a rather lonely existence. One day he gets his hands on a bigger task, and the action takes off at full speed. The book can be borrowed from the library in physical copy, or picked up as e- or audiobook on the e-shelf. The latter in a really good reading by the actor Mads Hjulmand - it is rare to hear narrators sing in the middle of the text, and even well.

Happy reading