mandag den 13. nov. 23

Birkerød High School is the Red Cross School 2023

We are incredibly proud to be the Red Cross school 2023. On Sunday 1/10 2023, BG's students went out to collect money for the Red Cross. The students covered 100 routes and collected more than DKK 120,000 on that day. The great student turn-out and support made Birkerød Gymnasium the gymnasium in Denmark with the greatest funds raised.

The Red Cross plays a central role at BG, but not just around the year's collections. The Red Cross is part of the school's DNA and helps bring the school's students and teachers together around a common project. Many different subjects and social activities, with everything from multidisciplinary courses such as Global Goals and Sustainable Development Goals to cake sales and clothing collections for the benefit of the Red Cross, help bring the school together across the school's areas (Stx, Hf and IB) and more than sixty different nationalities.

The work with the Red Cross is relevant, meaningful, and rewarding for everyone, and we are proud to work closely with Red Cross Denmark and Red Cross Birkerød. BG's Red Cross work thus also extends beyond the walls of the high school in the form of the students' involvement in the local Red Cross Shop. Furthermore, the students have an annual collaboration with Center Sandholm. This collaboration has been named "Give a Box", where the box refers to the Christmas presents that the students distribute to Center Sandholm's children, in connection with the centre's own Christmas market. In addition, BG has as many as three students and one teacher represented on the local Red Cross board.