søndag den 22. okt. 23

BG wins the Danish Championsship in short story writing, AGAIN!

Annika Kirsten Bohn Sønderskov Andersen from 1q wins this year's Danish Championship in Short Story Writing. Thus, BG's creative writing club and the writing club's initiator and talent developer June Clausager Thomsen can boast of another Danish Championship title in short story writing.

Incredibly beautiful and true! It is the creative writing club's 7th championship title since 2015. It is writer Simon Fruelund and Vallekilde High School who are behind the competition and the selection of the budding talents.

This year, Annika from 1q was selected, and now is to receive an incredibly nice gift, a short college stay with board and lodging and teaching in creative writing by renowned Danish authors. Annika thus gets ample opportunity to develop her already budding writing talent.

It will be exciting to follow Annika, and will she pursue and exploit an obvious talent? It sounds like this when Annika herself talks about her motivation for writing:

"I chose to participate in DM in short story writing because I thought it sounded interesting and I like to write. I started writing around 8th grade, and have always focused mostly on poems. My poems have a great meaning to me ,because when I don't know how to explain my feelings to others and what happens/has happened, I write it down as a poem.Poems are the way I come out with things, and are a form of therapy/diary for me. Writing just came to me one day, one day I just found out that I really like writing".

Congratulations Annika - from all of us at BG