tirsdag den 29. aug. 23

BG teacher helps colleagues well on their way

When you are employed as a secondary school teacher, it can take several years before you enter a pedagogy course and learn about teaching planning and didactics. It was this transition that Sara wanted to support by writing a handbook for brand new teachers.

Sara herself talks about her motivation to write the book "Interactions": - Teaching is incredibly complex because you have to transform your academic knowledge into student-centred teaching. This means that you not only have to master your subject, but how to do tasks that meet the students' level, as well as how to get the students to work together, concentrate, engage and a thousand other things. It can seem quite overwhelming when you start the job.

Sara Maria Brygger has a Master's degree. in Danish and religious studies, Master in ICT and learning and teaches at Birkerød Gymnasium, Stx, Hf and IB in Danish and Religion. She is also an IT-pedagogical consultant and helps both students and colleagues with the use of new IT tools in teaching as well as a supervisor and course leader for new teachers/pedagogy candidates in upper secondary school.

Interactions is a handbook for teaching in upper secondary education. It is particularly aimed at new teachers who have not yet been in pedagogy, but can be used by all teachers, regardless of experience. It is a didactic supplement to the information given in the subject's curriculum and guidance. 😊