lørdag den 6. jan. 24

BG students donate profits to the Children's Cancer Foundation

Birkerød Gymnasium's students donate the profits from the next AOC party on 26/1 to the Children's Cancer Foundation in collaboration with Team Rynkeby.

At the beginning of December, Birkerød Gymnasium was contacted by Anthony Rouse, who is part of the cycling team Team Rynkeby. He asked if BG's students might be interested in organizing a charity party with them. Team Rynkeby offered a free concert with the music group Ude af kontrol (UAK) in connection with our party on 26/1 in exchange for Birkerød Gymnasium's students donating the profits from the party to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

The festival committee were quick to say "yes" to the offer, and are very motivated to collect a good profit in the service of the good cause. Now the party committee has gone into the thinking box regarding how we can optimize the party so that the greatest possible profit is created. In addition, all students will pay a little extra for the ticket, which of course goes directly to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

Want to hear a snippet of Out of Control: [https://youtu.be/RMpCqtlctG8]

We hope to see many of our students at this very special AOC party!

Line Bach and Martin Løfwall, party managers. Emma Høj Dencker (3.b) and Tora Skotte Ladenburg (3.b), AOC chairmanship.

Note: A.O.C. is also the term for Birkerød Gymnasium's party committee. It is an abbreviation and union of originally 3 student-engaging committees, namely: Atheneum+Odeum+Coloseum.