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BG for EC in Science in Luxembourg

Again, BG's students demonstrate Birkerød Gymnasium's high professional level in the natural sciences and within science. This time it is Regitze from 1z, Karl Johan from 1t and Christian from 1t who are going to the EC in Science in Luxemburg later this year.

It is not a small, but a very big achievement according to Morten Løvendahl Eskildsen, who is talent coordinator and science coordinator at Birkerød Gymnasium.

“They have been through several tough competitions to get there. First to BG Science, then a school round against the best in Zealand at Skt. Annæ Gymnasium and, at the very end, they competed against the best teams from all over DK at Sorø Akademi. It has gone really well.”

This also appears on the EOES Danish website:

"A fantastic effort was made by the 8 finalists at the competition at Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Knowledge Center in Sorø. Everyone did well. The Bronze medals went to Gl. Hellerup Gymnasium, Maribo Gymnasium, Rødkilde Gymnasium and Next Sukkertoppen. Gefion Gymnasium and Hillerød htx took silver, while the gold medals and the honor of representing Denmark in Luxembourg went to Bagsværd Boarding School and Gymnasium and Birkerød Gymnasium.”

We can really be proud of Regitze, who attends on the classic natural science line with Mathematics A, Physics B and Chemistry B, and Karl Johan and Christian, who attends on the Biotechnology line. The three finalists know each other from the basic course, where they were i class together and the boys are happy that Regitze jumped in when they received a cancel from a fourth talent, who, however, had to prioritize another talent – namely the sporting one. Great with all that talent and congratulations to the three 😊.

And what are the scientific talents looking forward to at the final in Luxembourg? "The socials. It will be great to meet the others and participate in all the activities outside. We have to make all sorts fun stuff. Everything from ceramics to something outdoor. It will be fun and just a cool experience," says Regitze, Karl Johan and Christian.

The EC in Science is held by the EOES association, which is a non-profit association. EOES aims to promote science education for upper secondary school students in the European Union (EU). This goal is achieved through experimental and laboratory activities in biology, chemistry and physics.

In particular, the EOES association provides for the holding of the annual competition called the European Olympiad of Experimental Science (EOES). By bringing together gifted students the EOES competition challenges and stimulates the students to develop their talents and advance their future careers as scientists. During the competition, researchers from all over Europe exchange ideas and materials on science education with a focus on experimental sciences.

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