lørdag den 6. jan. 24

At BG January is about the desire to read

This year's project Desire to Read is for 2nd grade and officially begins on Wednesday 10/1, where BG in collaboration with The House of Poetry will light the torch with an event in 2nd and 3rd modules. As you can see, the principal has already started!

It's about the desire to read and the ability of literature to engage us, and it all culminates in a small publication from Wednesday's workshops with the 2g's. This event is generously supported by the foundation DBK.

Read more about the foundation DBK and The House of Poetry here: [https://poesienshus.dk]

From week 3, Desire to Read appears in the schedule twice a week, where you have to immerse yourself in reading for 30 minutes at a time together with the class and the teacher.

Because it is about reading for pleasure, you must bring your own book to the reading sessions. So 2.g: REMEMBER your book!

Perhaps use the weekend for a visit to the library and/or a conversation with the family and get inspiration for a book you want to read - maybe that will inspire others to read. At BG, we would like to inspire to more reading and hope that a love of reading will spread out to all classes.

The headmaster has already started - happy reading!