fredag den 31. mar. 23


This week, the assembly hall at Birkerød Gymnasium has been buzzing with talk about big questions such as man's relationship with nature and the war in Ukraine. The school's international students in Visual Arts exhibit their art, and the exhibition makes an impression on the audience.

The exhibition is part of the students' final exam, where 2 years of hard work culminates when the works must be shown to the other students, teachers and family. The 14 students express themselves in many different media: oil painting, photography, installation, embroidery and digital art. In addition to the exhibition, the students take an exam in a portfolio with reflections on their own sources of inspiration and experiments as well as a theoretical assignment that draws the long lines through the history of art. Over the course of two years, students receive guidance to find their individual path into art. And it is both difficult and requires self-discipline and courage. With their exam exhibition, the students show that they are able to work independently and dare to show that they have something at heart. It is a good competence, regardless of whether the student wants to be admitted to medical school or the art academy in the future, says art teacher Linda Falkesgaard. The exhibition lasts two days, during which students can invite family, friends and acquaintances to the exhibition. It is also used as a learning space that other classes can use in teaching to, for example, learn languages or analyze images. Thanks to the Visual Arts team for a strong exhibition.