onsdag den 31. jan. 24

Are you crazy about sports?

At BG, we have many students interested in sports. Some are part of the Team Denmark scheme, others are part of our elite sports program and benefit from our many offers. For many of our students, it is important to have a daily life in which there is a balance between sport and school. We want to strengthen this focus on sports even more from the school year 2024/2025 by creating a class where all students have sports at B level.

At Birkerød Gymnasium, you can study two fields of study with sports (B) at the center - either a field of study with social studies-English or one with biology-chemistry. If you choose one of the two fields of study, when you choose a field of study in October, you will have the opportunity to indicate whether you want sports at B level. If there are enough students with this wish, we will set up a class where you have sports B already from 2g.

Theoretically, you will work in depth with physiology and anatomy, health, sports psychology, sports history and social science issues that relate to the world of sports. Practically speaking, you will of course encounter the traditional sports such as football, volleyball, badminton and dance, but the increased interaction between sports at c and b level also gives room to try out newer sports, such as Pickelball and Crossfit.

The sports facilities at BG are absolutely top class!

We are lucky enough to have the Birkerød Sports Center at our disposal, which enables us to offer most sports, and we can also use the Birkerød swimming pool for our swimming lessons.

Every year all physical education B-students go on an educational and challenging ski trip to Hemsedal in Norway – something all physical education B-students really look forward to!

Come and join!

Join our strong school team!

At BG, we are known for our strong school teams, which play tournaments against other schools and train together for the tournaments. You have to be selected for most of the teams, but this does not mean that you necessarily have to be at elite level to be able to join. We register for A and B tournaments depending on the team's level, i.a. in football, handball, volleyball or badminton.

Become part of the elite sports scheme!

At BG, we have very good conditions for students who play elite sports. We know that it requires something extra from us if you want to get the most out of your youth education at the same time as you develop and can perform at the highest level in your sport. Only a person in balance can deliver the best performance, which is why we help you get a good balance between your training and your education. We do this, among other things, by providing you with good training facilities at the school, a personal tutor who helps you balance your education and your training, and then you get access to a special apartment where you can relax and be social with others elite sports students. You also have the option of purchasing a healthy meal plan adapted to your training, physiotherapy, massage or a personal strength trainer.