fredag den 26. apr. 24

3x Cup success for BG

Last week, the finals of the traditional Boarding Schools' Cup tournament were held in Sorø. True to tradition, Birkerød Gymnasium was well represented with teams in both Girls 1, Boys 1 and Boys 2. And it was with great expectations that the teams left with the big silver cups under their arms as the reigning champions.

The BG's girls' team had qualified for the final event as overall 2nd after the preliminary rounds. Thus, the girls only had to have a draw or win the semi-final to advance to the final. In the semi-final they met Stenhus, which has a very strong girls' team. And it was a very close match. Fortunately, the girls got 2-2 after two fantastic goals by Julie Haunsø and Cathrine Nielsen. In the final, the girls met Midtsjællands Gymnasium, which had progressed to the final meet as No. 1 and were therefore favorites to win the final. But it quickly turned out that BG's girls could easily keep up and BG dominated the whole match - not least because of a particularly good goalkeeping performance by handball player Emilie Leth, who kept the cage clean. It resulted in a single winning goal by Malou Falk, which made BG the well-deserved winners of this year's girls' tournament, supported by a great team effort in all matches with many new talented 1st graders.

The Boys 1 team went to the final meet as overall No. 1 after the preliminary rounds, and were determined to bring home the trophy for the 10th time in a row - a historic achievement. In the semi-final they play against MSG and win superiorly with 8-0. In the final, the boys meet Stenhus, who were No. 2 in the preliminary rounds and have previously given the boys great opposition. In the final, BG comes comfortably ahead with three scores by Felix Arian Bonabi, Frederik Hofland and Andreas De Neergaard, and there will never be any doubt as to who will take home the trophy. In the end, however, Stenhus gets a penalty and the result is 3-1 to Birkerød. Seen throughout the tournament, the boys have played beautiful and attacking football, while at the same time being well-disciplined on the pitch, both towards each other, as a team and their opponents. It has been a pleasure to follow and therefore fully deserved that they won the boarding school tournament again this year. The team is now facing a major generational change, as many of the driving forces in the starting 11 are graduating students, including; Sylvester Odgaard, Alexander Dissing-Andersen, Eric Sagna, Rasmus Madsen, Baptiste Dejean, William Birkbo, Felix Arian Bonabi, Jacob Fleischer and Andreas De Neergaard. A big thank you to them.

However, the biggest surprise and drama came from BG's Drenge 2 team when they reclaimed the cup. The first big challenge was when the first team took the team's skilled goalkeeper. Fortunately, a volunteer would look after the cage towards Herlufsholm. We have a good handle on Herluf, but overconfidence comes into play and they went ahead 1-0. Lucas Duus's 3.a equalized soon after, but Lucas was injured in the middle of the triumph. It was tough, but BG won 2-3 and was ready for the final. Here there was a draw for the goalkeeper job and some tired players went in for the decisive match against Sorø. It was an exciting affair. We got ahead 1-0 early on, but the strength started to fail and several players got leg cramps. Another key player is injured, with no possibility of replacement. Sorø gets the equalizer at 1-1 - and a penalty shoot-out is required - a real nail-biter. A new man goes for the goal because he is his own statement "is fearless" - and it fits! The fearless goalkeeper lives up to the statement as he grabs three penalties. The last decisive ball was put in by captain Tobias Thybo, (3k) and the jubilation broke out. The cup came home - well fought by the players - heart blood, togetherness and willpower! A big thank you to all players and a special thank you to the three who took one for the team in the goalkeeper position, Victor 2a, Eik 3k and the hero from the penalty shootout, Bjørn 2a.

Congratulations to all three BG teams