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torsdag den 12. jan. 23

Forældremøde på Birkerød Gymnasium for alle 1.g-STX-forældre

fredag den 6. jan. 23

Being an elite sports athlete requires dedication and self-discipline

Portrait of Sebastian Sand Gottlieb from 2x. If the rest of us find it a bit difficult to get started after a weekend, Sebastian's typical Monday is outlined below, and is a really good picture of what it takes in terms of dedication and self-discipline to be an elite sports athlete - with ambitions to get all the way to the top!

torsdag den 22. dec. 22

Merry Christmas from BG!

BG wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

fredag den 25. nov. 22

Visit our school for a day in either Pre-IB or IB

If you are considering applying for the school year 2023/24, you are more than welcome to come visit our school for a day in either pre-IB or IB.

tirsdag den 15. nov. 22

Fonden DBK (Danske Boghandleres Kommisionsanstalt) hædrer BG's "Projekt Læselyst" med 30.000 DKK!

Birkerød Gymnasiums læsevejledere og deres "Projekt Læselyst" blev hædret til dette års bogforum.

tirsdag den 15. nov. 22

THANK YOU BG from Lone Häckert

BG has grown over the years and has developed into one of the major players among the country's high schools, both nationally and internationally. I am proud to have been a part of that.

mandag den 7. nov. 22

It is time for parent-teacher conferences!

Dear parents and students.

Students in Pre-IB and IB1 receive their first term grades on November 11th, and therefore we invite parents and students to parent-teacher conferences on the following dates:

Thursday November 24th from 4 P.M. – 8. P.M.: Pre-IB

Monday November 28th from 4 P.M. – 8. P.M.: IB1

onsdag den 2. nov. 22

Good reading at BG

BG's reading counselors would like to have "Happy reading" as a school initiative, and BG's project "Happy reading" has been selected by the DBK foundation from more than 100 applications.

onsdag den 2. nov. 22

UN's 17 sustainable development goals

In week 41, all 2nd year students will be working with sustainability inspired by the UN's 17 sustainable development goals...

lørdag den 22. okt. 22

Birkerød Gymnasium gets a new website

We have given our website a make-over, and made sure that it now works better on mobile. Enjoy!

mandag den 23. maj 22

For those who have applied for admission

Many thanks for your application to Birkerød Gymnasium and HF.

You have received a letter in your inbox on March 31st.